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This first section of the website is addressed to people who are normal and otherwise healthy, but who are tormented by the fear that they, or their loved ones, may have cancer or develop cancer in the future.

It is very important to distinguish between fear that is justified and fear that is unjustified. In the former case, there may well be a medical problem that needs attention; in the latter case, the problem is psychological. 

These fears have three good causes:

  1. The first is the fear of death. It is commonly believed that cancer means death. In reality, however, most cancers are curable.
  2. The second is the fear of suffering, of losing the most precious gift that we have, i.e. our health.
  3. The third is the fear of change, of finding that, from one day to the next, our life has changed; all our previous concerns are suddenly replaced by the fear of suffering and death.

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